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Fang Liang

Fang Liang

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Doctor of pharmacy, professor, doctoral supervisor, currently dean of the School of Pharmacy of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. He graduated from Shenyang College of Pharmacy in July 1987, majoring in pharmaceutical preparations, and received a Ph.D. in pharmacy from Josai University in Japan in March 2003.

Research direction:

1. Transdermal drug delivery system

2. Cosmeceuticals

3. New dosage forms of Chinese medicine

Engaged in transdermal drug delivery system research for 22 years, presided over 8 national-level subjects and 4 horizontal subjects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National "Eleventh Five-Year" major new drug creation platform subproject, and the National Science and Technology Ministry's 973 major scientific research project. . Published 142 academic papers in core journals at home and abroad, of which 92 were collected by SCI, of which 8 papers related to transdermal drug delivery systems were published on J Control Release, and 14 patents were authorized.

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