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Hui Mi Zhou

Hui Mi Zhou

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Hui Mi Zhou, PhD, researcher, national high-level expert. Obtained a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of Toronto in 1993, and then joined Amgen. After returning to China in 2002, he founded Amprotein and served as the chief scientist of many domestic pharmaceutical companies, including the New Drug Research Center of North China Pharmaceutical Group and Harbin Pharmaceutical Group. Bioengineering Co., Ltd., Xi'an New Drug Evaluation and Research Center, etc. In January 2010, he was hired as a researcher at the Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and won the National May 1st Labor Medal in 2011. He is currently a professor at Qingdao Agricultural University.

The main research directions are mammalian cell culture technology and new biotechnology drug research and development. The research and development content mainly includes expression vector development, rapid and high-throughput recombinant CHO cell line construction and screening technology, highly resistant mammalian cell line development technology, and Serum suspension culture and development technology, cell culture reactor based on new oxygen transfer mechanism, and development technology of new double-body drugs. In years of research and development work, he discovered the general gene expression mechanism of eukaryotic cells based on the physical structure of DNA (GC-rich method) and a new type of oxygen transfer mechanism without bubbling, published more than a dozen academic papers, and applied for the world More than ten patents.

During the period, Shaoxing Huihui Technology Co., Ltd. was founded to develop a variety of Class 1 medical devices.

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