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Classification summary:
Huaxin Bio-Zhonglianhe International & Yanxuan Aishanmei project kick-off meeting was successfully held
On the morning of March 4, 2021, the launch meeting of Huaxin Bio·Zhonglianhe International & Yanxuan Aishanmei Project was successfully held in Yantai Huaxin Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.; the project kick-off meeting was Huaxin Bio&Zhonglian And the first appearance promotion of the international "Goose Selection APP".
Han Zhihui, President of Guanghua Bosite, and his working group came to Huaxin Bio to visit and exchange
On the morning of March 2, Han Zhihui, President of Guanghua BST, together with the expert group Zhu Yanhui and Yu Runjie, visited Yantai Huaxin Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., and Li Lelin, Chairman of Huaxin Bio-Pharmaceutical, warmly received with the company’s high-level executives. Mr. Han Zhihui One party introduced the company's development history and vision in detail.
Chairman of Chifeng Wanze Pharmaceutical Company visited Huaxin Biology for investigation and cooperation
On the morning of February 25th, Wang Yuan, chairman of "Chifeng Wanze Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." and his party visited our company. The chairman of Huaxin Biotechnology Li Lelin and the company's senior leaders warmly approached and expressed his appreciation to the arrival of Chairman Wang Yuan and his party. A warm welcome.
"Miss Taohui" 100 echelon elites come to Huaxin to select domestic products!
Following the "Miss Taohui" announcement on November 22nd, Chairman Youming led the company's high-level officials to visit Huaxin Biopharmaceuticals, and recognized the high standards, high quality, and high-tech products of Huaxin Biopharmaceuticals. On December 8th, Chairman Jie took charge again! Lead a hundred echelon elites to come to Huaxin to select good products, seek cooperation and seek development!
Our company participated in the Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Expo
On June 10-12, the first Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum was held in China Railway Qingdao World Expo City, West Coast New District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province.
Our company was approved by Yantai City
Recently, the Yantai Municipal Science and Technology Bureau announced the proposed project of the Yantai Key Research and Development Plan in 2019. The project "Research on the Effective Material Basis and Mechanism of the Classic Chinese Medicine Gentiana against Rheumatoid Arthritis" jointly declared by Yantai University and our company was approved. As a key research and development plan, the project number is "2019XDHZ109". The project is led by Yantai University.
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My Country's Biomedicine Development Space Is Huge In 2013
My Country
My Country's Bio-information Technology Is Deeply Plowing The Field Of Medicine
Yantai Huaxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. changed its name to Yantai Huaxin Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.
The company recently obtained the "Corporate Legal Person Business License" renewed by the Yantai Administration for Industry and Commerce. The company name was changed from "Yantai Huaxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd." to "Yantai Huaxin Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.", the legal representative of the company Han Chaowu; registered capital of 50 million yuan; the scope of business is the research and development, production, and sales of biotechnology products, health foods, and cosmetics; the production, wholesale, and retail of first-class medical devices; wholesale and retail; pre-packaged food and dairy products (Including infant milk powder); import and export of goods or technologies (except for the import and export of goods and technologies that are prohibited by the state or involve administrative approval). (Projects that are subject to approval in accordance with the law can be operated only after being approved by relevant departments).
CCTV China Good Product "Focus on the New Normal" column group enters Huaxin Biopharmaceutical
From November 25 to 29, 2016, the CCTV "Focus on the New Normal" column team walked into Yantai Huaxin Biopharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., and conducted a 5-day interview report with Huaxin Biopharmaceutical, during which it interviewed the company's chairman Li Lelin Mr. Han and General Manager Mr. Han Chaowu conducted an exclusive interview. The CCTV "Focus on the New Normal" column group highly recognized the development concept of Huaxin Biopharmaceutical and the brand building of Peptide Yalifei.
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