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R & D

Huaxin Biomedicine Joint R&D Research Center has a professional R&D team, including more than 50 senior R&D personnel including doctors, masters, and senior engineers. More than 20 academic papers have been published in international academic journals, with an impact factor of 30. The R&D center, in conjunction with major scientific research institutions and a number of medical sciences, is committed to oligopeptide bioactive skin care products (EGF, KGF, bFGF), and biomedicine. , Stem cells, special medical food, health food, functional food, medical equipment, sanitation and disinfection products as the core technology research and development, the scientific research center gathers high-quality scientific and technological resources, and strives to build an innovative research and development platform, providing the independent innovation of Huaxin biomedical brand products Strong technical support.

Wu Chunfu

◇ Former Party Secretary and President of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
◇ Doctoral supervisor
◇ Vice Chairman of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, Supervisor of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association
Fang Liang

◇ State Council Special Allowance Expert
◇ Distinguished Professor of Liaoning Province
◇ Dean of School of Pharmacy, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
◇ Doctor of Pharmacy, Josai University, Japan
Hui Mi Zhou

◇ National high-level experts
◇ Researcher, Institute of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
◇ PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology, Dorodo University
◇ Professor of Qingdao Agricultural University
Chen Dong

◇ National high-level experts
◇ Distinguished researcher of Zhejiang University
◇ PhD, University of Colorado Boulder
Li Menghong

◇ National high-level experts
◇ PhD, University of Pittsburgh
◇ Executive Director, Institute of Gastrointestinal Research, Sun Yat-sen University
Lu Jianfeng

◇ National high-level experts
◇ Professor/Assistant Dean of Tongji University College of Student Sciences
◇ Distinguished researcher and doctoral supervisor of Affiliated Oriental Hospital
Lin Donghai

◇ Professor of Yantai University
◇ Doctoral supervisor
Sun Xiuyan

◇ Professor of Yantai University
◇ Master tutor
Hou Jian

◇ Deputy General Manager
◇ Doctor of Shenyang Medical University
◇ Senior engineer
◇ Member of Chinese Pharmacological Society
Fang Yan

◇ Senior Researcher of Huaxin Biomedical R&D Center
◇ Product process formula engineer
◇ Lecturer of biological skin care product training
◇ Deputy Director, Industry Development Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Management Science
He Yufang

◇ PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Jilin University
◇ Professor of Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Ma Yukui

◇ Doctor of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
◇ Director of Shandong Toxicology Society
◇ Standing Committee Member of the Safety Pharmacology Professional Committee of the Chinese Pharmacological Society
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